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"SWEET ON THE VINE" by Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes
Nominated for Best Pop Album-San Diego Music Awards 2006

The San Diego Music Awards will be held Monday, September 18th at Viejas Concerts in the Park.
Come support local music and know that all the proceeds will go to benefit Taylor Guitars for Schools.

New in '06


Spring Ahead!!

The new album by Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes, "Sweet On The Vine," on Zip Records will be released on 8/9. Also, a retrospective compilation album by Four Eyes featuring Mark DeCerbo on Wizzard In Vinyl Records will be released later this summer.

Four Eyes at
International Pop Overthrow in LA

July 30, '04

We had a phenomenally fun show at Molly Malone's on Friday. We'd like to thank all of our friends, fans and family for making the trek to LA on a Friday evening to see Four Eyes. All those who made it saw not only Four Eyes, playing for the first time in LA in 15 years, but a wonderfully rockin' cast of pop music bands throughout the evening.

The headlining act was The Rembrandts and they were truly great, as they have been every time I've seen them. Highlights were, besides Four Eyes of course, Waking Hours as they plowed through a non-stop,high energy set jumping through the air with guitars, pushing guitars into amps creating feedback overload and smashing guitars into the drums and into the floor. The songs and the performance were amazing, especially my favorite, "Someday Soon".  Static Halo and The Shambles, both sporting Barts (as in Mendoza), performed superb sets with my favs being "Postcard" and the finale with Jeremy from Jam Records on guitar.

Four Eyes... I'm speaking for Larry, Lee, John and myself, were very excited to be playing at IPO for the first time. It was truly an honor  to be invited and so graciously introduced by David Bash, the events'  creator and pop guru. He does such an amazing job of organizing the bands and venues all over the world. But, then, he also attends and is  Master of Ceremonies at every show, introducing each band with  individual attention. David, we are not worthy!

My old friend and label boss of Bizzare/Straight, Herb Cohen and his  buisness partner Bob Duffey, also my friend and co-producer of my  album, "Baby's Not In The Mood", showed up to support Four Eyes and  that really meant a lot. I was very happy to see them both and  apparently we didn't hurt Herb's ears with the songs or the volume. A great time was had by all as Four Eyes missiled through six songs in  22 minutes and sweated about a gallon apiece which was quickly  replenished by massive amounts of good Irish beer.

We would be honored to be invited back to IPO and thank David Bash and everyone else involved in putting on this fantastic festival. -- Mark

News and More!!

Mark was graciously invited to perform at the recent Eve Selis CD release party for her new album, "Nothing But The Truth" at Sherwood Auditorium in The Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla on June 19th. It was an awesome show featuring the likes of Kim Patton-Johnston, Devon O'Day, Earl Thomas, not to mention Eve's kick-ass band. Mark and Eve sang together, duet-style, "Every Whisper From You", a song Mark wrote and has previously recorded with Eve. DeCerbo also played a 12-string Rickenbacker guitar, which he claims to have stolen from 'some long-hair', on one of the bands' new songs, "Someday", written by Eve, Marc Intravaia and Doug Crider. Other highlights were Eve and Earl Thomas singing the new albums' title track, "Nothing But The Truth" and the band, featuring Bob Sale, Marc "Twang" Intravaia, Jim Soldi, Rick Nash and Sharon Whyte, tearin' up the stage on "Honkey Tonk Town", also from the new album. It was one rockin' party!

New Compilation CD!

There is a new compilation album coming out in August on ZIP RECORDS from San Francisco. It's called "West Of Eden - The California Collection" and includes all California artists. "Hollow Love", one of Mark's newer songs, was requested for inclusion by ZIPs' Arthur Herman and will be featured on the album. Mark and Four Eyes have been recently playing this song in their live shows and now you can have your very own studio quality recording of "Hollow Love." Look for it in stores mid-summer

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

To all of you who showed up to see Four Eyes @ The Casbah... Thank you! What a fun show! The Shambles and The Chevelles rocked and Four Eyes revelled in performing for all of our friends, old and new. Yes, the die-hard Four Eyes nostalgia contingency was on hand, and looking like 1984 all over again. Mark, Cathy, Barb, Lisa, Sally, Sandy, Andrea, Julie and so many others made the evening a beautiful success. Joey Harris came in and gave me one of the sweetest compliments after the show...And I'm paraphrasing...Watching and listening to Four Eyes was like a Beach Boys song coming on the radio, and no matter where you are at the time, feeling the cool ocean breeze and smelling the salt in the air just as if you were there... Not too shabby coming from a true San Diego beach boy and my personal favorite hometown singer and songwriter. Hope we can do it again, soon!


The Folk Alliance Conference
Feb. 26 & 27

Thanks to my friend Cathy Radcliffe, I got to perform in two informal showcases at The Folk Alliance Conference...http://www.folk.org/... held in San Diego this year at The Town and Country Resort and Convention Center. This is a bigggg event. Besides the main shows in the actual convention hall, there were thousands of performances going on in many of the suites throughout the hotel till all hours of the night for four nights in a row. I got to meet and play with a lot of great singers, songwriters and musicians from all over the country. Some of the artists I got to share performance space with included, Frank Goodman, BigWideGrin, Arthur Godfrey and local greats Lisa Sanders and Berkley Hart. I was concerned that me and my songs wouldn't quite fit in with the 'folk' style of music that was being performed and celebrated at this convention until my good friend Bart Mendoza put me at ease. He assured me that these days, any singer with an acoustic guitar could loosely be considered 'folk' and that I would do just fine. He was right, I did just fine and everyone had a folkin' good time.

Mark DeCerbo Show

Lestats Coffee House
Feb. 25, 2004

Mark DeCerbo, here. I'll be playing & singing Wednesday, Feb 25th @ Lestats Coffee House...http://www.lestats.com/... at 3343 Adams Avenue in the heart of Normal Heights (619) 282-0437. The show starts @ 9:00PM and is being filmed for a TV show pilot, so bring the family, get there early and be on TV. I'm playing from 9:00-9:30, a good half hour. My set will include Four Eyes stuff as well as my newer songs.

January 2003
I'm currently working on songs for my newest album. It should be finished by early spring. Lee Knight, my buddy & bass player from Four Eyes, and I are mixing & re-mixing and dubbing and fine-tuning things so they come out just right. Well, actually, Lee's doing all the work, but two sets of ears are better than one...sometimes, so I sit & listen & nod my head in approval as Lee hovers over the mixing board & fidgets with knobs & faders like a mad scientist. So far, there have been no crossed wires sparking electrical fires or explosions but we hope you experience some of that kind of excitement when you hear the album. The working title and title track is Add Water but that could change. Some songs like Green Grass Girls and Love Unclassified, you may have heard before (on my mp3 site), but they are getting a face-lift. There are some songs that have not been performed live and others that Lee and I are composing to include on this release.

The "other" project that has taken up a good part of my time this last year is a "best of" album by Four Eyes, the band I formed with my east coast musical brother, Jeff Becker when we both finally made it to the west coast in the late '70s. We drove that rockin' machine (1976-90) till it couldn't roll no more, but we sure have a lot to show for it. There was so much good sounding, never-released recorded material that was just wasting away in my attic waiting for a liberator and its time to come. But, would that time ever come, and who would instigate the unleashing of this pent up, powder-keg of pop music? The answers are yes, and San Diego's protector and preserver of all things pop, Bart Mendoza. When Bart approached me about releasing a Four Eyes album on the European label, SNAP Records, I was at once, honored and yet, unsure as to why he would even be asking me. He explained to me that it would be a good way for me to, once and for all, get the Four Eyes material collected & archived instead of having it spread all over San Diego in disarray. Not to mention, duh!, that it would be professionally & legitimately released on a CD to the world. It didn't take long for me to realize that, hey, I think Bart's on to something here. All kidding aside, it has taken me several months to gather all the existing recordings of Four Eyes from the different members of the band alumni, find tape players to play the varied formats in which the music was recorded (1/2 track, 1/4 track, 7 1/2" reels, 10 1/2" reels, 15 ips, 30 ips, 2" 24 track, 1" 8 track, cassette, etc.), transfer it all to digital format, archive it in a database and make copies for Bart so we could go through the stuff and pick out the very best. But, it has all been worth it and I, myself and the boys can't wait till it comes out. Thank you sooooooo much, Bart Mendoza! We are in the studio at present, editing & mastering the Four Eyes album which will be released on SNAP Records this spring.